How to Adopt?


To apply for a Duffy’s Friends dog, do one of the following:

  • Find the pet you are interested in and fill out an application.
  • We show at various pet stores around Rochester so please contact us at Duffys to find out the location and date.

Each pet lives in a private home, foster parents are available to accurately describe the pets personality, needs, traits, habits, etc. Our pets will only be placed in homes where they will be a perfect match for the family.Most of our pets receive several applications. We screen all and select the one we feel is the best fit according to the pets needs, personality, history and what the family is looking for in a new pet. Past history of dog ownership is required. Duffy’s Friends’ adoptions are restricted to the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse areas.

Our adoption process can take a few days, giving the adopter time to think about the long-term commitment needed, but it’s well worth the short wait. We strive to find the best match for our pets and the family, no matter how long it may take. We do not adopt to rental situations, students and families with children under the age of 12 years old. For the safety of the pet we will only accept vinyl, wood or chain link fencing. We do not allow electric fence, boundary training, tie outs or chains. The applicant must have owned a dog in the past or have a current dog with a positive vet reference. If you are adopting a cat we will need a history of owning a pet with a positive vet reference.

Every one of our pets was rescued from a kill shelter, many were neglected, starved, injured, etc. All our pets were unloved, therefore we carefully screen all applicants. These dogs are willing to give you their hearts and souls in return for simple kindness. We adopt to those who can appreciate what they have been through and are able to offer them wonderful lives, something they have never experienced before.

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Not every pet is a good match for the applicant, therefore we reserve the right to deny any application without disclosing the reason for that decision. We do a vet-check reference to ensure past pets were well cared for and up to date on shots. Please note we may do a home visit before placement of the pet if the application has been accepted. This is especially important when other pets are in the home, thus ensuring a compatible playmate and life long friend.